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Laure Welfling and her husband Gipi de Rougemont Salvy are two of the most creative people of Tangier. She designs an exquisite line of caftans, one-of-a-kind handbags, extraordinary necklaces and much more. He is a impressive artist who sells his art but also exquisite hand painted plates and table accessories (I included his knife rests here), in her wonderful shop seen in the center of the image below. 

I have mentioned their house before here and this time I must share his latest work.
Laure invited us to the opening of his exhibit "Banners." We had no idea what to expect except, of course, something quite out of the ordinary. It was that, and much more. 
Imagine large banners that have been patched, painted, embroidered, laden with bullion and tassels and pompoms, then imposingly displayed in one of the  giant white room of the Musee de la Kasbah.

The result is positively striking. A mélange of medieval tradition, Moroccan craftsmanship, over-the-top adornments and a perfectly -and surely willingly- translated sense of humor.
Gipi himself is quite a character, often sporting a straw hat, extravagant shorts and colorful tops in the summer. (This picture was taken before the start of the event and he went home to change into a very chic white shirt and wide gray pants).

The Banners were rich, amazingly interpreted, detailed and whimsical. You had to stay staring at each one to take in just a hint of the quality of the work and the depth of the creativity.

Handpainted portraits

formidable tassels

Even the entrance area where the programs were laid out was stunning.
What a great asset for Tangier to have these two artistic powerhouses. They stand out even in this town full of beauty, color and with surprises on every corner.
Oh, and Gipi seems big on the French tradition of the baisemain (kissing a lady's hand)...another quirkiness of his and not something very common in this day and age and certainly not in Tangier.

au revoir.


  1. I love seeing "crazy" good designers and how they live!

  2. I love textiles in general and these are fantastic.

  3. J. Ho-Dougatz29/11/11

    I actually have two chairs that he made back in the 70s. I love them. I bought the chairs (resin, in the shape of a man) with no idea of who he was until I found his signature "salvy guide" carved at the base of them. I began an extensive search and found his daughter, who lives in the states. She confirmed that he had made them and I have been a fan since.