This year again I invited some great friends for a girls' Holiday Lunch. I decided it would be fun to go a little more "rustic" this time around. So I opted for colors I imagine can be found in a mountain chalet in Canada, say. Browns and neutrals but with gold and silver accents. A New York kind of Canadian Chalet, I guess you might call it. Or something.

I mixed fine engraved crystal with dark smoky cut glass

I chose plates that I call my assiettes "chasse"- hunting- but in fact the motif is an Antebellum Home à la Gone with the Wind.

The usual fits-all-occasions silver came out

Ceramic porte-couteaux -knife rests- from Laure Welfling's Shop in Tangier, Morocco

A little souvenir for each guest: home made marmalade

A centerpiece of ornaments- some of them hand-made, from a collection I designed some years ago for the now closed Escabelle shop in Soho. 

The occasion was a great incentive to finish adding a little holiday spirit else where in the house. At last.

And there you have it, a decor à la Canadienne with a little Morocco and France thrown in. Favorite destinations of mine, as you may know by now.

On the menu, very French repas de famille -family fare
Blanquette de Veau
au feminin

Far Breton
I did mine without the prunes but with a raspberry coulis

and Veuve Clicquot...Mais oui. At lunchtime. I said French. It's the Holidays after all.

Oh, and it had snowed during the night. Even the weather went into Winter Holiday mode to celebrate!
au revoir.


  1. It is all beautiful...and I adore your ornaments!

  2. what a beautiful table, the knife rests are heavenly. pgt

  3. Soundsand looks pretty perfect for the season!

  4. so fabulous!!!!! lucky you!

  5. Your table looks wonderful Jeanne, enjoy your lunch!

  6. Anonymous15/12/10

    I wish I was there with you. Iove your table and the choice of colors. I am with you, tired of the red/green scheme. I am doing silver/green/yellow this year. The silver comes from all those beautiful mercury balls and decorations, the green(s) are bright and full of chlorophyll(exotic greens from fruits and vegetables) and the yellows are from an assortment of real mini pears and fake ones on my Christmas tree. I have stuffed Xmas lights into huge mercury vases....at night it looks sublime!
    Lots of love from GORGEOUS London. Pascale L

  7. You caught my eye with the knife rests immediately! The gold design reminds me of a signet seal design I have. I love the mantle....so well done, really! This is a great post J-A-D!

  8. Elegant, and beautiful.... You got me at the marmalade, That's effort. Maryanne xo

  9. A big thank you to all of you. I am delighted you liked my set-up. I wish I could see more of everyone's ideas. i bet there are some great ones out there!
    Pascale L: your holiday decor sounds so stunning! i wish we could see some of it. I also wish I were in GORGEOUS London.

  10. This looks wonderful! And sometimes it takes a long time to find a treasure like your blog!


  11. I have to admit, I just haven't been in the Christmas spirit this year. But you table inspires---after all what is a better way to celebrate the holidays than a meal with friends. I just might break out my Christmas dishes and have an impromptu dinner party. I love the photo of the dining room.
    Merry Christmas

  12. Wow!! This holiday lunch looks really awesome. Loved table arrangements and truly everything is looking antique and rustic. Also I want to throw a holiday party at one of event space San Francisco and will use your few ideas there. Thanks for sharing this amazing post.