Straw looks and feels so flimsy 
as if you could blow it away like the house of the 3 little pigs
yet,  it can be mixed with mud, to build very strong walls
it can be clipped in bunches to make very resistant roofs
it can be braided and twisted and glued to create wonderful art
 and of course we all know what fabulous hats have been  fashioned with it
this is what can be and has been done with straw:

the fabulous work of

large circular rug in saturated spicy tones
exactly like a huge straw hat: gutsy endeavour, unbelievable result
French Designer Showhouse JADHny image erica lennard

the same circular rug natural and red border

wavy stripes warm shades that awaken the tranquil mood
Aleman and Moore

Aleman and Moore
playful stools and organic bowls
the perfection of precision work and flawless artistry

straw wall  art  

straw architecture

this is a temporary! straw construction
for the Durga Budja Festival held every September in India

a beach full of cartoonesque umbrellas

a modest yet stunning mud and straw house in India
straw above

a hotel in Egypt; straw welft, wood warp, splendid "weave"

perfectly shaped seats as if molded by hand

strawhats and bags as design accessories. a beachy mood
Elle Decor casa de Meninas

Straw and wool moroccan floor mats for sale in all the medinas
great look . great deals  

au revoir.



wood has been used in houses almost for ever
because of its amazing insulating qualities,
its abundance, its ease of use and versatility.
however, wood has now become a luxury material
and as such, it is treated with great respect
 the best artisans cut, shape, bend and sculpt it
they hoist large beams of it to hold up roofs
they chisel enormous planks of it into floors
they saw, plane, sand and join it to build cabinets and built-ins
they recycle it for tables and chairs
and, yes, they even imitate it to paper walls

wood walls

extraordinary filigree that boggles the mind

the precision of a job well done

rough and unfinished like a Kenian lodge (in Alaska!)

faux wood almost indistinguishable from the real stuff

painted wood a naive charming attic dormer
wood ceilings

wood sculptures


driftwood and the modern treatment of a 100% recycled material

let's close with  a little fun

REALLY real wood...REALLY fake pencils
images Elle Decor, Elle deco Italia, Jeffrey Bilhuber, flickr

au revoir.



why do we we cover our windows, you ask?
 well, a lot of the time, for very practical reasons
to screen our lives from prying eyes,
to keep our houses warm in winter, cool in summer,
to deaden the sound of footsteps in a large naked space,
 and, most of the time, for solely esthetic reasons
 to glamorize. modernise. sensualise.
accentuate. decorate. illuminate.
stretch out. jazz-up. dress-down. 
and, as we proceed on our quest for the perfect window-wear, 
let's take great care in choosing the ideal

real curtains

generous tone on tone fabric overdose
via flickr

grandiose Hollywood vibe with a Pixar twist
via flickr

a flash of turquoise like pretty eye shadow
in a great hodge podge of styles

simple ornementation, discreet New England statement 
Jeffrey Bilhuber

accented sheerness; cool and bold at the same time

darkness and mystery for a deep deep sleep
via desiretoinspire

Park avenue splendor with the flair of miles of fabric
Arianna Belle

smoky shades of brown with flows of wheat; warmth and peace
xjavierx/ELLE DECOR

multiple panels like flowery aprons
via ffffound

like red lipstick on a diaphanous face


very vintage like a decorated 50's school room

via flickr

bamboo shades for a pure white Caribbean island feel
via desiretoinspire

strict and practical. shades that do the job they are there for
via desiretoinspire

a perfect black and white trio in a whimsical kid's room
via apartmentherapy


when just a valance is enough for a shot of color
via apartmenttherapy

wooden shutters

when sheers would be too cute and shutters too stark

glazed shutters; privacy and light

colored glass

very Arts and Craft lazy afternoon
via flickr

Moroccan ingenuity and modesty; colored glass and shutters

au revoir.




fabulous bamboo;
it's strong, water resistant, renewable, and beautiful
it can be cut, bent, rolled out, stained and painted  
it has been made into furniture, flooring, fountains, utensils and even bicycles
it has been mimicked, copied, and reproduced
it has been glued, nailed, tied, and joined.
and it is called
the material of the future

mimicked in a 70's chair

copied in a tall elegant bookcase
a little air of The Sheltering Sky

it has inspired contemporary designers
including Tiffany's

au revoir.