The Statue of Liberty

It was the first thing we saw, my family and I, when we arrived in New York harbor on a Transatlantic Ship called "Le Liberté", so many years ago, to spend 4 life-changing years in the United States. It was exactly the way you see it in the movies -"An affair to remember" comes to mind- the early morning pale gray light, the slight chill due, surely, not so much to the outside temperature (it was late August) as from having awakened early, filled with anticipation, to be there, on deck, ready for "la Statue de la Liberté", along with our fellow passengers, as we sailed to our berth. How ironic that we landed at the very piers where I now go to scour antique shows, reminded so clearly of coming down the landing bridge into a crowd of waving families and busy porters. No photos here, of the New York harbor Statue, in all its imposing "vert-de-gris" splendor on a backdrop of bright blue sky. I'd rather show you its more whimsical interpretations.

 in iconic art

andy warhol

Keith Haring

Peter Max

Roy Lichenstein

in great amateur art

Evelyne Pradier, Paris

in rebellious street art


Faetter dub




in interior design



in Paris (the other real -but smaller- one)

in Tokyo and Las Vegas

only in America?

wine caddies and chez Laarson

e20ci and travelpig

in a flea market vignette

in official form


in my office

mine , a wedding present- made crownless by too many moves- cast from the original Bartholdi mold at Arthus Bertrand in Paris, like the ones in their new collection, below

 in rainbow resin and Sterling silver

Arthus Bertrand Paris

images via google and arthus bertrand, william a boyd and kevin colombu

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Wire work

Wire's pliability makes an ideal material for creative endeavors of all kinds;  designers have ingeniously twisted and bent various kinds of metal wire to create everything from furniture to accessories to lighting; the resulting pieces are light and airy, linear and minimal or curvy and froufrou, and often extremely poetic, and full of charm.
transformer wire structure

 Graphic furniture

Warren Platner


Ingo Maurer

Ingo Maurer

Atelier Abigail Ahern

wire art

Marie Christophe


Elizabeth Berrien

Ruth Asawa 1954
graphic iconic souvenirs

New York First
sculptural bowls

Marie Christophe
100% charm


Pottery Barn Teen


images aigany, nanahall, buildingenvironment, dwr, namapb via google and kevin colombu

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