I will always LOVE my toothpick Eiffel Tower!   

Such a very fragile Eiffel Tower was going to suffer one day, I had accepted that possibility a long time ago. No one was allowed to dust it, move it or even breathe next to it. 
Well, almost.
I packed it myself for the big trip across the ocean and wrote "FRAGILE!" all over the box. 
and YET.
It arrived last month, crushed. snapped, done in.

I have tried to glue it back together but like Humpty Dumpty,it could not be put it together again. 
It only manages to stand for 2 reasons:
- I dare not put the top... on top, as it too heavy now for the broken legs and they just spread apart and the whole thing crumbles.
- What is left of the legs (broken and missing toothpicks) are kept together with paper clips. There has not enough left to glue to. 
It will have to go to the trash.
But not yet...

au revoir...
ma Tour Eiffel.



  1. Oh, no Jeanne I am so sorry! It was such a exquisite work of art!

    2012 Artists Feature and Giveaway from The House of Edward

  2. Such a shame....your heart must have missed a beat when the tower was removed from the box. Is their not an artisan who could "put it back together again?" This happened to a 4 BC bowl we have ........smashed to pieces by boys playing "indoor football" in the sitting room. The bowl has lost its value, but an antique restoration specialist has it back in one piece so we can still get enjoyment from looking at it.