I am flying to Tangier tomorrow. With a long list of to-do's for our artisans including ideas for new samples for our next collection; we are done with the summer line we are showing at the New York International Gift Fair end of January so we need to get our stock to the States in time for the show.
Here is a peak at our summer line inspiration, a bit of "the Hamptons" with a twist.

In my head, my notebook and laptop, a host of inspiration images for the August NYIGF are ready for explanations and directions -thank heaven for Hamid, our Moroccan agent/translator/savior-.
We are working well in advance to avoid too much nail biting later on.

We will definitely go bolder for August!
Stripes galore inspired by carpets hanging on a wall in Assilah.

Random pattern from the Bouchaourite rugs from the Atlas Mountains we love.

It will be cool, so no beach escape, and I am going alone this time; no problem: with some dear friends there -local residents or foreigners with secondary homes in Tangier who, happily, will be there at the same time as me (a surprise each time), time flies and discoveries are made on each trip.
Can't wait!
See you in 10 days.

au revoir.


  1. I love the colorful rug inspirations. Where can one find your collection? website? You have the best of all worlds, Paris, Tanger and New York for business.

  2. Yes, thank you Francine. we sell on our website to the trade. www.abanja.com. there is a contact us page and we get back to you. A bientot j'espere.

  3. Great colours to lift the spirits. I'm looking forward to seeing your "finds" from Tangier. Bon weekend.