The main item on our list of stops as we cruised around the Lagoon in Venice was lunch at the Antica Dogana in Tre Porti, on the mainland as it were. 

Arriving to any restaurant on the speedy white boat of a charming and chatty Italian, right up to its terrace is a treat in itself! Arriving to this one on a bright sunny day, having had a glass of Proseco, or two- it helped trying to bring back the few words of Italian hidden deep down from the bottom of my rusty brain- was priceless.

The setting was stunning, the temperature was just right, the restaurateur could not have been nicer and the whole meal was magical! more Proseco was consumed- our entire trip was one long Proseco-fest in fact- starting with the boat ride from the airport at around 11:00 AM! It was after all a birthday trip, and this was after all Italy!

I immediately noticed playful Murano glasses in an array of eye popping shades at each place setting.

The main course was 2 huge sea bass cooked in a crust of salt. DI.VINE!!

If you go to Venice one of these days DO NOT miss the Antica Dogana. Unforgettable!

au revoir.

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