The new store in Tangier called Las Chicas is delightful. It is spread on 2 floors of an old refurbished house very near the main "gate" to the Kasbah. The ground floor entrance has been glass enclosed and this is where the large pieces are exposed. 
Above that space, the 2nd floor terrace has also been enclosed and is now a delicious and relaxing tea room.
In the tea room the chandeliers are crafted out of news print and magazine pages cut to resemble the shape of crystals.

Fun mirrors abound and are all for sale of course.

I love the shape of the glassware at Las Chicas. Slightly smaller at the top instead of the usual other way around. And always that pale green tint.

The shop carries a line of dishes in an iridescent deep bronze shade. What a great table look that would make on crisp white with bright accents, or on a raw linen cloth with grays and beiges and smoky glasses.
All kinds of lanterns are for sale, all made from recycled tin cans.
Note the picture above:it is made with shipping tape of various shades of beige and brown!
On the stairs leading to the second floor, a delightful scarf was draped on a soft velvet top and embroidered loose pants worthy of a Disney version 1001 nights but so elegant!
For a more simple look, there are kaftans cut in wonderful shades of gray and rusty red linen. You can choose to match them with matching pompom-decorated scarves.

Tangier is definitely moving in the right direction. I do hope it stays more "authentic" than Marrakech however. 
This kind of shop is so much more fun to discover in Morocco than any Zara, in my book...

au revoir.

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