image dar kawa

I am going to Morocco tomorrow. I will make a stop in Tangier for a few days and then meet my business partner in Marrakech. We are working on our new line for the August New York International Gift Fair and this trip will help put it all together- that part of the line anyway.
It is, however, slightly complicated to go from Tangier to Marrakesh. Flying is ridiculously expensive and you can very well end up going through Fes, Meknes or Rabat or all of the above...no warning nor reason given.
The last few times we needed to go south, we took the overnight train. 
(No, it is not the one above...How I wish!; that's the Orient Express.)
It leaves Tangier in the late evening and arrives in the morning in time to start the day there. 
It's bearable. Not luxurious, (slight understatement!) but relatively clean -if you decide to totally ignore the state of the "facilities". 
I don't love the idea of going on that ride alone -I have always traveled with 2 or 3 persons and that's fun. We talk, we read, we sleep and time goes by quickly. If I can get a "single" and be on my own in my compartment I'll be fine. (yes, I am at that stage in my life...) Sleeping pill, ear plugs and eye mask and I'll be at our destination in no time. 

image riad awa

We stay at the Riad Awa- and so should you if you go to Marrakesh some day- for its comfort, its perfect ambiance and warm welcome, its total gorgeousness and for the sumptuous breakfast on the terrace.

Ah, yes, the Riad Awa breakfast... an absolute necessity before going out to "raid" the medina.

But first, Tangier, to get all our weavers to be on board for the new line. No small feat as some would rather do their own thing. At their own pace. Their own way.

au revoir.


  1. The trip to Marrakech seems quite exotic! Not quite the the Orient express !

    1. Yes, Francine the night ride is not quite the OE for sure... My business partner will be in an overnight flight from NYC and then the flight to Marrakech so we might be pretty sleepy the 1st night! A quand un voyage routes les 2???

  2. Do you realize how glamorous you sound??? Even with the overnight train? Let's see...tomorrow I am flying from Mammoth to Orange County...all in the same state, not very exciting.
    Bon voyage and enjoy your breakfast.

  3. Mary Ann the night is NOT AT ALL glamorous, but it is the way to Marrakech so I won't complain. ( I hope I don't sound like a snob...)
    Merci pour les voeux and I will think of you when I have breakfast ...

  4. sounds like a wonderful buying trip + happy weekend in Marrakech xxpeggybraswelldesign.com