When it came down to 3 choices, we decided not to take the apartment with the breathtaking view. It had a terrace and the Sacré Coeur was right there at every window. BUT, small rooms and tacky details everywhere.

We also turned down the nice place on a fabulous street. Very close runner up BUT an empty kitchen, no bathtub -and no space for one later- and one room short.
We also decided not to go for a quiet dead end. Not sunny enough.
We decided that, in spite of being Eiffel Tower-less and terrace-less, the place with the light filled rooms, great moldings and details, laundry room/mudroom (a miracle in Paris) and classic Parisian style was what we needed.

The street is nice and the building is very classic Paris. Nothing grand but nothing bad either. A nice Paris "Haussmanien" building. (From architect Baron Haussman who transformed Paris in the late 19th century in order to give the city large avenues and light filled streets).

In the balance also comes a couple of stunning sites:
Gare du Nord, in an area admittedly in need of a little gentrifying...
and l'église St Vincent de Paul, an imposing church, oozing with charm. 

So, there you have it. Our new home, our new neighborhood and tomorrow a new beginning! 
And also a lot of work putting everything in it's right place, making everything fit in new surroundings, making tons of necessary purchases and making sure the contractor is on board for all installations: shelving, added cabinetry, accessories and lighting.

Oh, and one more detail. 
On Tuesday I go to Tangier to keep an eye on my weavers...I hope the wifi will work and the new fridge is running before I go or I will have a very unhappy camper at home. 
And I do mean "camper". 
For a while anyway.

au revoir.


  1. Anonymous14/10/12

    Crees saber todo! pobrecita! si supieras.. la realidad de las historias y New YORK donde se me pregunta.. -voy o no voy? y marido al lado! pobre boluda sabelotodo! y no te inquietes que la cosa no es un divorcio, de lejos! me pide de estar con él y seguir juntos todo el tiempo, envejecer juntos y castigarte siguiendo en perder el tiempo

  2. The apartment looks fabulous. Enjoy your new beginings.