I cannot wait till we have thrown out the last bit of garbage, recycled the last magazine, given away the last appliance, returned the last library book, disconnected the last phone line, paid the last helper and packed the last suitcase. 
Come to think of it, there's a challenge: how do you pack for the six weeks your belongings will be "traveling", the three countries you will visit, the various circumstances when you will be "stuff-less"? it's called improvisation I believe...
We are going to spend our last night in the US in the house, we'll sleep in the last bed left standing, - we'll have it put out on the curb the next morning before closing the suitcases and leaving for the airport- we'll have breakfast in the last bowls and teacups ready for the garbage can, on the last kitchen table ready for the dump, and we'll leave the last towels and sponges for the housekeeper who will kindly finish the last clean up. After that she'll just cross the street to give the new owners the keys. 

I cannot wait till we are done!
Still, I can't say I won't be a little sad.
Excited? definitely.
A little sad? absolutely.

au revoir.


  1. There is such a finality to closing the last box and staying goodbye to this part of our life...tourner la page. the sadness of the last night, and the excitement of the first night in a new empty space that will soon become home.

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