Yes, I can be a tad naive; no, make that clueless, or even innocent, or why not, totally trusting in fate. Call it what you may. 
A friend had said "don't even try, there is nothing left, everything is sold out, there was a run on Target the first day at 8:00 AM" etc., etc. 
Well, little old stubborn me went to Target yesterday to check out the now famous, OVER HYPED, under delivered line by Missoni.
I walked up to the first salesperson I saw and simply asked in my most no-I-am-not-the-millionth-annoying-shopper kind of voice, where the Missoni line was. The answer was short, to the point and final: "all sold out".
Oh my, so it IS true.
As luck would have it, a very much more cheerful salesperson having heard my question offered the following comment: "I just hung 5 returns over there near the aisle". 
Better. Not that much better, but better none the less.
Not to be defeated by what was apparently a huge lack of stock following a gigantic PR hurricane, I proceeded to said aisle.

There were 2 articles by Missoni: 
1) what seemed to be purple/black heather leggings sized for a 4 year old.
2) a gold/copper/burgundy lurex thread cardigan in Missoni's iconic zigzag motif.
I checked the size: L. 
Rats! but wait, it seems rather smaller than large at first sight. It looks like it could very well be my size.

To make my now very long story shorter, I later went home, and tried it on (I hate to try things on at the store without the right shoes and accessories etc.). I am happy to report it IS indeed exactly my size. It is comfortable, somewhat shiny but in a discreet sort of way and it will be PERFECT for that dinner next week in Montreal.
Oh, and to end my story: the most adorable elegant woman with straight gray hair and the nicest smile on earth asked if she could give me her telephone number in case I changed my mind: she would have grabbed it if she had seen it first. 
I have called her to announce that, so-sorry-but, the sweater is a keeper. 
Sorry charming lady.
Moral of the story: an inexpensive designer top+ perfect black pants+ dressy shoes+ a great pair of earrings and you are done!

images target, tahari,  antonio melani, karl lagerfelt via ebay

Dear daughters in Paris, a bit of bad news: no, they did not have ANY bathing suits. I questioned a third salesperson about other Missoni items in the store; The answer was once again short, to the point and final: "all sold out".
There is nothing? NO.THING. Period.
Missoni, to your machines please. Or maybe the rarity is in fact the appeal...

au revoir.


  1. Now that is persistence! Target should be ashamed of themselves.

  2. I have been ignoring all this Missoni nonsense, but now you have me intrigued. Is it worth the quest?

  3. Living in Canada and Target not shipping to Canada, no such luck for me. I am looking on ebay, however am rather reluctant to buy as most things went from Target staright onto ebay.

  4. American business sense at work! So that'sw where it all went...Thank you David Toms for visiting me and giving this information, and thank you for the visit Daryl and My Crafty Home-Life.