image Ray du Toit for Uncharted Africa
When the sun deigns show its pretty head around here (it has been raining all week) we will be needing some shelter. Yes, we want the sun to come out, but reason dictates some protection from it.
So, when the sun appears, we will think of tents and awnings near the pool or at the beach or even just for time to have tea or a drink. The ones I find the most attractive are usually the ones with some exotic detail...you know me by now, right? 
Here are some from Morocco or India and a few that are very slightly more formal. Very slightly...

The typical "Caidal" tent from Morocco with its "lantern" motif outside and brilliant colors inside.

How about a slightly more medieval dais?

A tent does not need to be the size of that of Barnum Bailey Ringling Bros. to offer some shade.

How charming, this small cool corner for Indian "Chai".

This umbrella tent is generous in size and color and what a statement it makes.

Tents for weddings and ceremonies need not be white and plain; a few lengths of sheer cotton and a perky scalloped edge and the whole feeling is softness and calm.

Light softening curtains in this long classic tent make all the difference.

And what about spending a few days in a tent in an exotic hotel in the Maldives? I am ready and packed.
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au revoir.


  1. I LOVE tents. Your choice of photographs is sensational. I have always loved tents. Because of strong winds we built a large pergola instead. I've added canvas to give the feeling of living under a tent. It will have to do. Thanks for sharing.

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