I am regularly approached for "a word" of design advice. What would YOU do in this and that case?
This is not a rare occurrence and as flattering as it is to be asked, giving advice for a space you usually have not seen is at best tricky.
Hence, this column: 
I will post  general advice in answer to non site-specific questions I have been asked. 
You may participate, of course. 
That would be so much fun. 
Just keep it relatively general, if you could. 


Helene:  I want to have one room where a single color dominates. I am unsure whether it will be fine or too much of a good thing. Any advice?

I think it is always a challenge to decide on the color of a room, and much more so when that color is going to be repeated in order to achieve a monochromatic look. 
May I suggest 3 rules I find work well.

1- Don't assume white or neutrals are the only way to go.

2- Decide on the winning color after giving some thought, painting samples on each wall and taping fabric and paper and rug swatches next to the paint samples. 
But first go with the first shade that comes to mind. It is often the best as it comes right from the heart. And remember you will be using various shades of that color if only because of the different textures anyway.  

3- "Break" your color scheme with a shot of another color, be it in a pillow, a painting, a vase. Just a touch that will make the room sing.

and then GO FOR IT!
What is the worst that can happen? 
One thing's for sure: not boredom.

images simple style by julia bird, alkemie, cote de texas, hueamour, the lenoxx, elle decor, draperydesignblog, growersandnomads

au revoir.


  1. Excellent advice.....easier said then done on occasion!

  2. Anonymous19/11/10

    Timely advice for me. Thank you for including pictures, they help so much. I"m looking forward to more...........mazie

  3. Wonderful advice, love adding that punch of color!

  4. I love this post and the pics.