Les coins sympas de Tanger

Les Passagers de Tanger
When we are in Tangier we never fail to have a meal or two at Les Passagers de Tanger, (my previous post.)It is always spectacular there and this time again, it did not disappoint. Francois-Xavier, the owner/chef, had just bought 37 Kgs of cepes, those delicious mushrooms so sought after in French cuisine. 

We marveled at the sheer quantity and Francois Xavier suggested we stay for a meal of Cepes. We readily accepted. We were served a Carpaccio de cepes - very thinly sliced mushrooms with lemon juice, olive oil, salt, pepper and a mountain of shaved Parmesan cheese. 
This divine dish was followed by another just as delicious: a poelee de cepes sauted with garlic and garnished with a generous amount of parsley. 

Le Salon Bleu
As we walked to a friend's house, we discovered Le Salon Bleu, a wonderful cafe/teashop/restaurant newly opened in a small house perched on the walls of the Kasbah. We had visited it one day as it was for sale so we were very surprised to find that it could fit a cafe restaurant and impressed that it had been so beautifully decorated in shades of bright Klein blue.
One wall of the indoor cafe was fitted with cubbies filled with silk spools like the ones in the shops of the medina, the subject of this post.

Chez Jerome
We arrived at our friend's house - we had never been- and there we found the most charming house of Tangier! with a wall in common with the Salon Bleu as it turns out. 
Every corner was a delight with tall pots full of flowering bushes,
a wonderful pergola holding up  huge tree branches casting welcome shade on the diminutive lower terasse,
From the top terrasse, great views of the bay,
and of the Place de la Kasbah.
It is always so much fun to discover new places and to delight in the exquisite decor sprinkled all over Tangier. On each trip a little present for our eyes as it were.

au revoir.


  1. Thank you for sharing your holiday with us, it truly looks wonderful. Love those spools in the cafe but why would they have spools of silk? It's beautiful and those mushrooms looked wonderful!

  2. They have spools of silk because of the graphic quality and the colors, like a huge painting. Its also very iconic as ,in the Medina, there are a lot of thread shops selling silk to embroider the caftans the men and women wear and they have walls of these well arranged spools. It's beautiful in the shops and great looking here. A wink to Tangiers crafts people. Merci pour la visite.