THE SHELTERING SKY: great finds, the bookstore and the bazaar

Un petit voyage au Maroc
This is the last places in Tangier I will report on, chosen out of the myriad of wonderful places one must visit on a trip to Tangier. Of course there are others, like the Parfumerie Madini where I have my own perfume made with vetiver, lemon and a mixture resembling Dior's Eau Sauvage. When they don't have any vetiver extract- the case during our last trip- I buy their fern extract to put in my bath. HEA.VEN! 
There is also the adorable tailor who makes Caftans for us, after taking precise measurements, but then sized from tops we bring.
And the old man who will make custom rafia sandals in 3 days.
And let's not forget the wonderful weavers who make custom fabrics for curtains or divine bed covers to your size, color and design specifications.
The book store/photo gallery rolled into one lively, colorful, whimsical package opened a few weeks ago. It's French owner, Stephanie Bernard, is just as lively, colorful and sophisticated as her creation. She is a wonderful writer of short stories herself and has frequent book signing soirées at the Librairie. Her choices range from young Moroccan authors to well known French ones to the most delightful interior design books. What's more, she is the designer behind this lovely space, a mixture of Moroccan inspired touches, 60's pieces, vibrant colors and perfect architecture; one really wants to stay and peruse every single book in sight. Impossible not to leave with one or two. Or more.

 La Caverne d'Ali Baba
Here you better have a lot of time and a very lean figure.Everywhere a pile of this, a stack of that, and VERY narrow aisles in between. Lanterns, carpets, dishes, brass side tables and mother of pearl incrusted bureaux abound. Even if you are just there for a quick look, there is no way on earth you will leave empty handed. Even the stores in Paris looking to add an ethnic vibe to their collections buy from this fabulous treasure trove.

So, did you buy your ticket yet?
Next week we are on to Marrakesh and some great finds there also.
au revoir.


  1. oh my... i could happily be lost in La Caverne d'Ali Baba for hours. How amazing...

    did you actually get a pair of rafia sandals? you should do an outfit post!

    x jessy

  2. Yes I did get them, but you are surely MUCH better at outfit posts than me. At least you can model MUCH better...we all know THAT!

  3. JUST FABULOUS... sooo happy to have found your blog. xx

  4. OMG- where can I find fantastic tunics like that here in the States?
    I adore!!1

  5. Red ticking, merci, and may I return the compliment! a bientot.
    Beyond beige- I am afraid I design them with the help of the tailor for the hand embroidery and I bring the fabrics from The US or France. I am so happy you like this but I must admit they would be impossible to import for reasons of price and logistics. Thank you so much for visiting.