Catherine Noll

Catherine Noll was a very dear friend of mine; a girl with unlimited amounts of happy energy, creative talent, kindness and generosity. She died much too young in the early 90's; everyone loved her and we all miss her. 
She inherited her enormous talent, and a studio full of ivory, exotic woods and tools from her illustrious grandfather Alexandre Noll. He worked mostly on objects and furniture, carving splendors from ebony, mohogany and a multitude of woods I had never heard of. 
Her mother, Odile Noll, though not as productive as Alexandre Noll, followed in his artistic footsteps, but it is Catherine who shined as the true heiress to her grandfathers genius. 
Catherine was in art school, les Beaux Arts when he died and she immediately started creating sculptural jewelry from her newly inherited atelier. I am very privileged to own some of her exquisite creations.I bought some, I was given a few, she even lent me some breathtaking pieces for very special occasions. I cherish them all and always will. 

Alexandre Noll

Odile Noll

a piece I bought from Odile Noll in the early 80's

Catherine Noll
my own collection


lucite and ebony

ebony, mother of pearl and ivory

lucite and ivory
gilded and color lucite

a gift from Catherine: ivory, palm tree wood and gold

2 forlorn earrings I have been wearing as pendants

the bracelet was designed for Japanese designer Hanae Mori

a much loved bench, one of a few pieces of furniture she designed, that follows me everywhere I choose to live and always seems to blend seamlessly

some other pieces  by Catherine Noll recently offered at auction 

images 1st dibs, pba auctions, artnet, cregu ledue,patrick seguin, arcanabooks, leah gordon and JADHny

au revoir.


  1. The pictures came out great! My favorite is the very long white bracelet in the third column of the auction section. My birthday is coming up!! :)

  2. I am afraid it already sold...

  3. Dearest Jeanne-Aelia,

    This is one of the best posts ever: a personal story of friendship and admiration wrapped around beautiful objects that will be part of your history forever. Your collection is magnificent.

    Merci for this.

    xoxo, Letitia

  4. Merci mille fois ,Tish; I do love her work, always did and she was such a extraordinary girl; really a very bright ray of sunshine; The good die young. This small post in her honor does not begin to say what I and all who knew thought of her.

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  6. Anonymous5/2/12

    thanks you for your webpage and all the comments. I miss her, my dear godmother.

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  8. I have a necklace that looks similar to Catherine's style. Do you know if her pieces were signed?