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When we think about it, New Years Eve has always been about TIME; counting down TIME, of course, second by second, until zero and it's time to shout "Bonne Annee",  at the top of our lungs; but if we now go back in TIME, (your, my, our TIME, not Time with a capital T), when we were younger, we could not wait for New Years Eve: there were the parties with all the frantic preparations, sartorial doubts, and the BIG question: which one, most often which ones, will we go to? and at what time will we go there? and if we were the hosts, what concept or theme will we opt for? what clever idea will we come up with? (design nota bene: I hosted a Reveillon years ago, and asked everyone to come as a character of a movie, I called it "La Nuit des Etoiles" ; it was great fun and I was stunned by everyone's creativity and artistry and FYI, I was costumed as a danseuse de (French) Cancan ; eh oui...); then it became a little less about just having a crazy good time, but more about having a really great time; not just a reveller's kind of uncontrolled good time, but a time of quality and more reflective good time, albeit while having a very good time, if you still follow me; so instead of reminiscing about what was wrong with 2009 that I would like to change in the next year, and instead of making all kinds of (best laid...) plans for 2010, I am just pondering this idea of TIME, the TIME we have, the TIME gone by, the TIME it took to get us where we are, wherever that may be; and my train of thought leads me, the designer, hostess, friend, sibling, wife and mother to wondering at how much TIME it took to arrive at our Reveillon de Jour de l'An this year,  from a material, esthetic, purely practical point of view; well, let's see....

19th Century mirror
1928 house
20's chandelier
30's artwork
40's Pressed Glass
50's Jadeware plates
Midcentury Danish Candlesticks
80's tablecloth
 wine, ~1990
 Foie Gras, 2009
 hotesse, années 19.. 
It takes a century, or two
to end one year in style (well, my style)
and welcome the next;
and now,
the TIME has come to wish you all

une fascinante et apaisante
 merveilleusement riche en toutes sortes de découvertes 

 an extraordinarily rewarding
   rich in all kinds of discoveries

au revoir.


  1. To you too, Cherie. I'm so glad we met.

    Happy, happy new year. (What a glorious table. I'm sending Jean over to have a peak.)


  2. Such a beautiful table and lovely message. I wish you a very happy 2010. I have always wanted to throw a costumed get-together and I think this is the year for it! Stan

  3. Merci, mes ami(e)s, for all these lovely words of encouragement. It feels so good to know someone out there, whom I do not know( visually) yet, except online, is warm and considerate enough to take the time to post a generous message. For 2010, if I must formulate a wish without putting any thought into it, then let it be that I hope we all "stay together". Bonne Annee.

  4. You have captured the essence of time with this post, and a beautiful photograph to accompany your thoughts. Thank you Jeanne-Aelia for your encouragement and support, and I wish you all the best for 2010!

  5. Thank you Jamesxvi. Happy New Year!