A very large number of bottles change hands over the holidays; bottles of perfume, surely and bottles of wine, no doubt. So if you are the giver,  how do you wrap a bottle so as to give it the pleasing appearance of a precious gift and not that of a mundane errand at the corner wine shop? I have spotted a few possibilities of all sorts...I mean, of ALL sorts. 

The perfectly excuted delicate flower; all charm and softness

Understated elegance; no surprise but très chic

The classic user-friendly bag with photorealistic Venetian grandeur

The what-you-see-is-what-you-get box

A tad Cruella Deville; it will be remembered

The MIT-grad-wrapping: battery powered lights and clear bag. wow!

Reduce, reuse, recycle; included: a socket ready to receive a bulb and a cord ready to be plugged in; the wrapping becomes a lamp; what a great idea; a little like the Chianti bottle lamp (it was eco-friendly before the word was coined) but with a bit more style.  

images xmas mag, deco-antique, stt-swiss, vinolampara via google and JADHny

 au revoir.

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