Back to reality! Christmas has come and gone and a brand new year is here. After big shows of seconds being counted down, of fireworks bursting, champagne glasses clinking, and all around kissing and wishing and hugging, the regular calendar needs to be followed and a few design projects be attended to.
Here is one of my current design challenges. A nook below back steps and what to do with it.
It's amazing what you can tuck under the stairs. The triangular nook can house any number of secret and not so secret spaces. It's a natural bonus area where with a little cleverness some good planning and a great woodworker you can turn a difficult looking space into a convenient and practical spot.

A cosy reading corner

A powder room
A perfect place when discretion is of the essence. The volume available is just right. And when the door is closed, who can guess what is behind that little door?

The mini offices
If space is short and privacy is not an issue, an office is just the right "job" for this space. Neatness is a must however and you better hope for a limited amount of traffic up and down the stairs.

The obvious storage spaces
...or not.

The library nooks

The grand entrance
This one is the entrance to la Maison des Esclaves, the house of the slaves in Senegal. 
No explanation needed. 
Probably not such a grand entrance after all.

au revoir.


  1. Ahhh, j'adore votre blog; bonjour les espaces extraordinaires !!! je vous en suivre tout de suite !!:) Merci beaucoup de votre visite, libre à vous de visiter maintes et maintes fois :D

  2. What an inspiring blog, Jeanne-Aelia. Thanks for sharing. /Taru

  3. Wow, it looks very convenient and space saving, and the powder room made me remember Harry Potter, since he also lived under the staircase. In my home, I have a metal spiral stairs installed, due to its space-saving properties, and I love all metal furniture which is why I have ornamental iron doors, because not only it is tough, it is also fabulous to boot!