I was asked what I think of glass blocks. Glass blocks bring back memories of some of the sixties' heartbreakingly hideous architecture, that's what.
They have thankfully been left by the wayside for quite a while and still today fit only in some specific styles of spaces, mostly bathrooms and even then, one must take great care to introduce them in a rather minimal and modern way. No timid little insert allowed. You have to go with big gestures with this material. it's all or nothing. There needs to be a statement here.
La Maison de Verre in the 7th arrondissement of Paris, built in the 30's by Chareau, is a great example of the successful use of glass blocks that has not aged at all.

This house in Bali is testimony to the possibilities of glass blocks in modern architecture. More is more.

If, however you do not have a facade this grand on which to try your luck with glass blocks, the secret is the care with which you must choose the surrounding areas. A bathroom is an ideal place to use the blocks, as they offer privacy and can easily included in a wall construction. Their "watery" aspect is also quite a plus in such a space.
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What goes around, comes around, they say. 
I agree totally, but the second time around things have changed and one's perspective must adapt.
au revoir.


  1. It makes me want to start building again!

  2. We used glass blocks in a bathroom of a former house. I still don't like them. However, they do look great in the La Maison de Verre.

  3. Great post! i have never visited la Maison de verre and would love to do so.

  4. Been there. Love it. Thanks for the reminder.

  5. Jeanne, you have your face on here...you did it just as you said...congrats you're beautiful! I like glass blocks but if I could have huge elegant block windows like the first image I would love them.