Screens are extraordinary decorative elements. Not just a pretty face. Far from it. When tucked into a corner they fill a blank empty space; smack in the middle of the space, they function as temporary walls; behind a bed they become spectacular headboards. They can hide unsightly radiators or the entrance to a kitchen. They are versatile enough to become a display piece for one's art or ties or clothes. The choice is yours. Demand and they will obey. That is their claim to fame if you will. 
There is one more very important quality which makes a screen a designer's friend however: It can be decorated in an infinite number of ways. Fabric, wallpaper, leather, mirrors and glass panes can adorn them. They can be tufted, carved, painted, lacquered, or woven and caned. The chosen material decides whether the screen will modestly blend in like a wall flower or shine like a star in the room.
The YSL showroom. Sumptuous damask and nail details.

Painted leather, Spanish style.

Corner detail
Wallpaper for a girly touch.

Antique mirror for reflective sofness.

Dark brown paint for a strong total look.

Quarterfoil cut outs decorating a bland corner.

Pastel art/function wall

Screens as artwork

Carved moucharabieh: a tall accent and not-quite-wall separation

Privacy screen, like a total-darkness shade.



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  1. Oh, what an amazing collection of beautiful folding screens. Ah, the French have that wonderful word Paravent for it! As a German I am familiar with it.
    I saw at the Fornasetti website gorgeous ones as well. Have a look!
    I am going to build one myself for my bedroom in spring. It's going to be such fun. I am still thinking about the design!
    So long!
    Bon Nuit!