I don't know about you, but I find televisions, the accompanying paraphernalia and what is known as TV cabinetry is one big, BIG headache; in terms of design I mean. For your information, this very comprehensive site sells nothing but TV stands.
In the best case scenario, as they say, one enjoys a proper home theater, complete with comfortable chairs, a TV projector with a giant screen, surround sound and all the other bells and whistles. 
The rest of us, if we are lucky, have some sort of TV room or den or family room- whatever you want to call it- and if you can't live without 24/7 information or entertainment you can install a small TV on the kitchen countertop, one in the library or den, one in the living room hidden in a fine armoire of some type, and if you are a luxury lover, one that turns on in you bathroom mirror. 
Some of us have to be content with a piece of equipment as thin as possible, as exquisitely designed as possible (think dream Bang and Olufsen) and pray that someone out there has come up with the matching equally exquisite piece of furniture essential for storing the above mentioned paraphernalia...  
bang and olufsen
dg casa

I have had to tackle that exact challenge for my last two clients. 
For client # one, we have managed to very elegantly install a number of televisions in numerous rooms, upon, above or inside various elegant cabinets, oriental chests and even a stunning antique armoire like this one. Done.
For client #two, only 2 sets will have to find a wall and/or "nest" onto which to alight; and that is the question. What will be their home?
There is the usual tall piece with the TV hidden behind cleverly crafted folding doors. The good news is that the piece can also house other items not related to TV viewing.
this next


mecox gardens

kohler interiors

Then there are TV built-ins. On the plus side, you can very precisely adapt the style to the rest of the design.

I designed this one in a NYC apartment (on my site) for two very young professionals. Nothing needed to be hidden; the brief was to be able to house a limitless amount of technology! and to stick to the rest pf the space's simple lines.
*note the additional TV in the dining area around the corner. I said young professionals...I meant "wired" young professionals.
The simplest solution- and often the most inconspicuous- is simply a TV stand. The trick is to chose something as beautiful as any piece you would buy without obsessing on the end function. Everything can be retrofitted if needed. These are just right for certain design moods in my opinion and are actual TV stands to boot. I happen to love low, long ones.




What I always hesitate to do, is to install TV's over fireplace mantels. It's just not me, and you are left with a black rectangle over the fireplace when it's turned off.  But if any of my clients like the idea... why not? After all, they will live there, not I. 
I know you can recess the set into the wall and hide it behind a picture but not everyone is willing to go to all the trouble, as you usually have to build the wall out to make space for the appropriate depth.

au revoir.


  1. Now those images show lovely ways of displaying a TV. Although I'm probably not the best to ask how to decorate around one. We own one TV that's 28 years old and we almost never turn it on. Go figure..........

  2. Good for you! Though I must admit I watch the French channel- great documentaries and news from home from the horse's mouth if you will- and the BBC and Black and white movies on Turner Classic. So much is trash! Merci for the visit.