Le Dokhan's, 117, rue Lauriston, Paris 16 ème
As I was walking up the Avenue Raymond Poincaré near my Paris pied-à-terre last summer, I noticed the most adorable hotel at the fork on rue Lauriston. Little did I know then- and I should have guessed- that it had just be renovated and the interiors designed by one of my very favorite French designers Frédéric Méchiche, whose work has been featured on this blog among others.

Ideally located in the elegant 16th district,  between the Trocadéro and the Arc de Triomphe, this luxurious hotel is dedicated to the fine art of service in the French tradition. Inspired by the pure neoclassic style, international French decorator Frédéric Méchiche designed and decorated this mansion. A marvelous meld of Palladian architecture, ancient wood paneling, antiques, works of art and delicate choices of colors combine to create a harmonious interior of refined luxury.
Behind a nineteenth century facade made of ivy and carved boxwood, lies an island of luxury and refinement. Exclusive and sophisticated, the Trocadero Dokhan’s is one of these hotels where you find yourself entering a new world. Warm and discreet the cozy style takes its full dimension in these place. With the refined decoration of Frederic Méchiche, a renowned designer, the hotel perfectly mixes antique furniture and contemporary works.- Radisson Hotels.

From the front door in, the Frédéric Méchiche style is evident. Black and white stripes, heavenly comfort and always that nod to French 18th century classisisme through antique furniture, generous amounts of fabrics, draped and elegantly dressed beds- lits à la polonaises- and a very strictly limited color palette.

This is what I would have looked for, had I needed to choose a hotel in Paris.
On the one hand, luckily I don't have to.
On the other, dommage, as this one would be perfect for me.

au revoir.


  1. This hotel was around the corner from our veterinarian (when we lived in Paris). I always thought it looked so charming. I had heard it had been redone. Thanks so much for the photos. LOVE All the stripes!
    Mary Ann

  2. PS. Your gorgeous blog is on my blog roll!