Les tetes de lits un peu loufoques

I wrote this post a while ago about large headboards and was tempted to post again on the same fun subject but with a twist:

Funky headboards
This "Vermeer painting" headboard at the Paramount Hotel in NYC have been travelling around the blogosphere lately. Superb.

So have the celebrity photos at the Pattaya Hotel in Thailand.

As well as the architectural shots at the Fox and Anchor in London.

There are multitudes of creative souls out there dying to make a statement with their headboards. And why not have fun! A big smile just before you go to sleep sounds like a terrific idea to me.

The ornately carved

The ornately shaped

The faux "nature-inspired"

The very artistically inclined

The ethnic vibe

and let's not forget 
The spoiled loved pet

Oh, and now something very important.
Of headboards, serendipity and giveways
As I was preparing this post I got an email from the people at CSN stores asking me if I would like to host a giveaway. I did just that on this post a while ago and decided it was a fun idea to do it again.  There are over 200 online stores featured on the CSN site offering everything from lighting, to furniture, accessories and even shoes. They also mentioned headboards. Headboards? I went straight to the site and indeed there were super stylish upholstered headboards like the one below, 
and one surprising solution to the temporary - as in extra last minute guests- headboard question: an inflatable one! Clever, good looking and incredibly inexpensive. 

but I digress; back to the 

Some lucky reader will win this IMAX 3 Piece Candle Holder Set in Amber glass, very Venetian in feeling, that will make a holiday table glow! I can just see it. Rich candle light, ornate plates and silverware, fine linens and of course great food and a lot of friends and family. 

To enter for a chance to win, simply:
1. follow my blog- if you are not already un fan- by clicking on the follow button; you know what to do next, right?
2. go to the CSN site and peruse. so many possibilities!
3. leave a comment on les petits commentaires below to let me know if you have a favorite item there.

Get an EXTRA CHANCE by mentioning this giveaway on your blog, linking back to my blog and then letting me know in an additional comment.

I'll remind you of this giveaway until it ends on Thursday 11/11 at midnight. The winner will be a announced on Friday 11/12. 
Please make sure I have your email address so I can contact you about having the candle holders shipped to YOU, the winner... 
This giveway is available to readers with U.S. and Canada addresses only, due to shipping costs. . 
So sorry. 

bonne chance!

au revoir.


  1. Great post....working on a project and needed some inspiration....thanks for that!

  2. I like the ornate carved headboards the best above, they're fabulous!

  3. I love this post. A beautiful bed is a thing of joy!

  4. Love the inflatable headboard. Ready to deflate, pack up and go.

  5. Anonymous5/11/10

    Hello Jane,
    Love the post, my pine headboard is carved and painted to look like a ice hockey rink. I found an amazing rug. I think the honest American craftsmanship and bold design, is only surpassed by the elegance it would add to a dining room. http://www.csnstores.com/3P-10440-KIR2803.html, I only wish they had the matching wall paper.

  6. Urbanburnout: thank for visiting the site and my blog. Remind me, how old are you? You seem VERY young at heart and very daring in your choices.

  7. Anonymous7/11/10

    This is a very nice giveaway indeed and yes, they are very Venetian. I used to visit Venice every year until the economy tanked. Should I win, I shall imagine that they are a gift from you, thoughtfully purchased for me during your last trip to Venice, Venise, La Serrenissima.
    I have a very active imagination.
    I am already a FOLLOWER of yours, I went to the CSN site and found the two Adirondack chairs and table to be something I would actually buy, the real ones, not the polystyrene ones. I would use them upstate, not here in my NYC apartment.
    Of all the headboards you posted, the Vermeer "Girl with a Pearl Earring" is my favorite. A friend of mine from LA, a stylist, stayed in that room and says that the eyes constantly follow you around the room, she is a bit of an exhibitionist so she did not mind.
    X David

  8. I REALLY hope you win David. Alea jacta est...

  9. Anonymous8/11/10

    Merci, I just added a link to you on my blog, I used your eyes, not the candlestick photo and added your blog title over it. I hope you approve.
    I speak restaurant French and a bit of Doris Day, so, que sera, sera.
    Amitiés, screw that, grosses bises.
    X David, NYC

  10. I really like the ethnic vibe headboard. I really like the CSN Kichler Oval Beveled Mirror in Chrome with Porcelain Trim - It would look very nice in a bathroom, or two of them, for a double vanity. Merci....Margaret