Tall Headboards


It's cold outside, and I am thinking of my bed; any bed; I find that a bed is not "finished", not cozy if it does not have a headboard; and right now, my taste leans towards BIG headboards; in fact, right now, my taste leans towards BIG almost anything (cf. my posts on big art, big coffee tables, and deep sofas). Not only does a headboard anchor the bed in a space, but when you are IN the bed, reading with a nice plush pillow behind your head or sleeping the night away, having something other than a wall behind you is like being in a comfy cocoon. I also find that a tall headboard makes a low ceiling look that much taller and a bedroom feel that much grander; and what of the decorative element? a headboard is like a painting over the bed and what is more stunning than a big painting over a large piece of furniture, like a sofa or, in fact,a bed; If you are still thinking of adding a 36" tall headboard to you bed, these images will definitely make you rethink your plan...
the rythmic pattern of perfect craftmanship
printed fabrics
the drama and warmth of a painting 
the exotic appeal of an asian carving
Disney-esque simplicity and cartoon-esque size
the poetic quality of a large photo as headboard
images mialinnman, myhomeideas, designsponge colourmehappy, decorpad, louise lemaire via stylefiles, hotel anemi greece

au revoir.


  1. You have some great examples of what a tall headboard can do for a room! The asian carved panel and the blue tufted are the best.

  2. Oh my, these are gorgeous. Are any of them yours? Thank you for the decorating tip about high headboards making a low ceiling appear higher.

    (Re. my blog, something is going crazy over there. When some people visit, myself included, sends me off some place to another site, but that site won't open up. My Transatlantic Parallel showed up on some blogs, but not on others. Is this what's called a nightmare tech experience? I hope not because I'm not at all good with them.)

    I'd like to crawl into one of your beds.

  3. Theresa: yes I also love the carved wood HB. It's dramatic and simple at the same time. Merci for the visit.
    Tish: I was surprised because when I go to the post, all is fine. Les mysteres de la techno... It's too bad some people missed it, I thought it was fabulous. A bientot, ma chere.