I have been eying this cuff in the window of a jeweler in the medina of Tangier Morocco, for the longest time. As a matter of fact, on our yearly girls' week in June, all 6 of us tried it on. It is a VERY expensive piece -by Moroccan standards not Barney's, of course-: corrugated sterling silver- the deep curves in a dark antiqued finish and the protruding "ropes" shined to perfection, with pear and navette shaped Aquamarine stones nestled in the "valleys" of the bracelet. (I photographed it on my last trip 10 days ago on top of a nearby electric meter in front of a cracked cement wall to the utter amazement of the nervous but hopeful jeweler. He now smiles, half expectant, half resigned, when he sees us gawking admiringly, once again, through the window of his tiny shop.) 
None of us went for it in June, not even the most unrestrained among us. 
And there are a few. 
At least. 
It is, after all, a piece to wear only on special occasions; it's large volume, it's look-at-me style.. not something to wear to the office everyday. (you know how sometimes you justify a relatively outrageous purchase by calculating it's price to times-worn ratio; you do that, don't you?)
Plus, it was hinted that it is a piece for tall girls...thank you for rubbing it in, girls.
I wonder if it will still be in the window next time I go; there is another one just like it but with deep red garnets instead of Aquamarines...

Aie aie aie! 
Possibilities, possibilities. 
Temptation, temptation.

au revoir.


  1. Anonymous3/11/10

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  2. A striking piece of jewellery. Could you not have negotiated a discount by giving him free advertising on your blog?! Shame he hasn't a website - I could be sorely tempted by this beauty.

  3. Gorgeous cuff, I'm tall so if you buy it may I please borrow it? It's stunning bu any standard. I think it would look wonderful even with jeans and a blouse.

  4. Jesse Noe Mendez: Thank you very much for your visit and kind words.
    Trish: I did negociate that's all one does in the medina, and no, this tiny shop's owner does not have a website... not even close. Merci.
    Acquired objects: you are right about jeans and a blouse. quite stylish. You must be that yourself I am sure . Merci.

  5. Anonymous3/11/10

    Just buy it and wear it everyday, rules are created in your own head. I have never heard of a woman being too short for jewelry.
    Life is short, make yourself happy, create your own rules.
    X David, NYC

  6. David: YES you are sooo right! OK now, let's see if it still there when I go back. I don't yet know when that will be... I think I might have to start some sort of Etsy e.store for the Medina...so we can all buy online; don't hold your breath people; they would really be stunned then. Merci pour la visite David.

  7. I'm tall but I don't wear bracelets/cuffs because they call attention to my small hands that have very short fingers -- BUT I LOVE THIS BRACELET!

    It's irresistible.

  8. I'm one with David McGrievey. Completely! It's a while now since you posted this and I hope and hope you bought that extravagantly wonderful piece. If you didn't, I'd like it! I am only average height but wear ridiculously large tribal silver bracelets. They're like my black bob - a trademark. And like Lesley Blanche, I hope to be wearing them still when I'm 102. I had an uncle once, a very naughty and charismatic man, who told me to set my own rules. You have to act as if you really believe in them, he said, and you'll have everyone else believing in them too. I have come to think he was right. I hope you've decided to jetison the very silly rules that short women can't wear large bracelets, and that large dramatic pieces can only be worn on special occasions. Go for it, I say.