If I call it le marché it is because 10% of the residents are French in our small town. A lot of them go to the farmers' market here, happy to experience again a familiar shopping experience.
What I love about framer's markets is the quality of the foods you find there. Vegetables come in shapes and colors I have never seen before, they taste fantastic, they challenge you to try new recipes, they make you thankful they exist.
Every Saturday until November the framers' market comes to town and I find treasures every time I go. 

Difficult to cook these, they look so good on the counter.

Had you ever seen ochra this color?
and what a treat to find my favorite potatoes, the rate- fingerling potatoes- I love to steam them and serve them with just olive oil, salt and pepper. So simple. Delicious.

This merchants has bread that passes our "France-makes-the-best-breads" test with flying colors.

If you want perfect croissants and mouth watering cookies, stylish French baker Valérie Wetterhahn is your gal.


Larchmont is called Little France  for a reason...

au revoir.


  1. Up here in NH we have farmers markets everywhere and I couldn't live without them, love them! We are fortunate to get the freshest of meat too so you plan your meals around what's been butchered that day. No plastic wrap for us!

  2. Sounds like heaven! In fact NH IS heaven...