The town where I live sits on the Long Island sound, the body of water between the coast of Westchester County NY and the "island" of Long Island where you find Brooklyn, Queens, the Hamptons and J.F.Kennedy and La Guardia airports among other landmarks.
On our side of the sound, Larchmont Manor Park was created when the owners of an enormous piece of property set it aside as a park in the late 1800's  thus allowing residents and visitors alike to access the breathtaking rocky waterfront.

I am always delighted by how much the view resembles that of the coast of Brittany in France, where I spent many summers and even a few winters.

An adorable beach club reserved for the residents of Larchmont, delights the littlest ones and their parents alike.

Some magnificent properties sit on the water's edge.

Delightful yacht and beach clubs allow members to enjoy summers in the sun. 

From this quaint clubhouse owners are taken by launch to their waiting boats.

Alas, much too soon, the park will look like this.
Pretty, but not as appealing to me as it's summer version. 
I am a warm sun and greenery kind of person. 
A LOT of sun and lush greenery.
images:larchmont manor park society, andrew cusak, panoramio

au revoir.


  1. Hi Jeanne-Aelia! glad we linked in! .. this is such a great post about an area so little seen..when I lived in NY area we almost never went to your beautiful spot, it's so unspoiled!

    I too like summery and green...come visit us, it's 102 degrees today:)



  2. Bonjour, tu es mon premier poursuivant au niveau international. je vous remercie. Je suis désolé pour mauvaise écriture en français. Je ne peux pas parler français. Rédigé à l'aide du traducteur google. J'ai vraiment apprécié votre blog! un baiser, Juliana

  3. Kit, too bad we missed the boat in Larchmont. we could have been neighbors... what a concept!
    Juliana, I am very honored to be your 1st international follower. Bem-vindo ao meu blog (also googletranslate...)