The ladies
I did not notice it at first, taking in the colors and cute attitudes, but when I started looking a little closer at these images, I was amused by some of the details: wouldn't you wear your scarf exactly that way on a cold day? can you spot platform shoes? and what a great way to mix fabrics.To say nothing of the colors- granted, they might not have been that way before, just a very successful choice from the "colorizer".

 I also realised that these women from Japan in the 1920's were quite like we might be now: 
They put on make up together, probably to compare cosmetics and suggest favorite makers;

they posed in their caps and gowns

they had tea a each other's houses( love the screen);

we might use different tools but don't you think the thatch coat could well be included in a future winter collection?

the farewells had a tad more formality than our usual au revoirs 
(note those very stylish platforms again);

but all in all, like a lot of women these days, they really made sure they looked really good when socializing...

The tradespeople
I think a tea shop like this beats Starbucks any day;

I am not sure how many of us need someone to water down the dirt streets in our neighborhood;

and taxis are less quaint (though the bike cabs of New York City are very similar) but very much more practical in terms of speed and safety.

On the other hand, if you check out this post from the very amusing blog legiterally,
nothing much has changed in the "delivery" business in some parts of the world.
images t-inami


  1. Love the pictures and I think I saw a thatched coat like that last week at Fashion week....lol.

  2. Murphy23/9/10

    What beautiful pictures! When I was little my father bought me a doll whose outfit resembled the ones worn by the ladies saying farewell - she was my favorite for years - thank you for reminding me!

  3. Anonymous3/6/13

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