What I love about Venetian mirrors apart from their fantastic good looks is their versatility. They are mirrors framed in etched mirror which makes them adaptable to any color scheme and they can be as ornate or as simple as the decor around them.
Where I really LOVE them is in bathrooms. The watery quality of the mirror-on-mirror, the neutral aspect of the material, and the fact that they are, indeed mirrors...the first place one thinks of when looking for a home for a mirror is of course a bathroom. They are also stylistically neutral. They can be very at home in many designs: a modern city flat, a suburban classic or even country or seaside cottage . 

An ideal dressing area mirror: very practical and very decorative at the same time.
Can you see yourself there dressed in your most extraordinary ball gown.

Perfect over a bathtub; no problem with steam.

In Morocco they are ubiquitous part of a tradition of imports from Europe during the colonial era.

I find that they are very easily paired or grouped without seeming heavy.

The versatility of styles in which they feel quite at home is illustrated here.

AND, if you like them, and if you don't insist on a priceless antique,
they can be quite affordable:
this one was for sale last year on the La Redoute, the French catalog, was 150 euros (~ $200) 
No big financial sacrifice for a lovely object or as they say here in the USA, a lot of bang for your buck.

au revoir.


  1. Thank you for sharing the information and stunning images and ideas on venetian mirrors. I agree, specially like the effect of them in bathrooms. really gorgeous. xo Colette

  2. I never thought of how versitile the Venetian mirrors are, they literally go everywhere. Thank you for sharing these pictures, I love Venetian mirror in the first picture over the tub.

  3. I love Venetian mirrors too! So beautiful.

  4. Anonymous28/6/14

    Just bought a 2 story home and lucky it had only 2 owners and it was not stripped of its original beauty.Claw foot tubs, chandlers, carved mantles and the first thing I am buying Is a Venetian mirror.Thank you for sharing the love of them. I consider them a piece of art.