Today was another glorious day here in New York City. 
My daughter suggested we have lunch in Bryant Park, the exquisite green haven behind the New York Library on 42nd. Street. When I say lunch, I mean more a picnic lunch than a formal lunch; we bought fabulous club sandwiches and sat at one of the small round tables on what is commonly referred to as "Luxembourg" chairs. The world of parks is very small indeed...

We took in the scenery, watched the passers-by, and had a relaxing hour basking in the sun, commenting on the divine weather allowing these few moments of serenity, feeding the increasing crowd of birds (the tiny swallows were the fiercest, giving the fat pigeon ten times their size a good fight!).
We admired the Bryant Park Grill's luxurious ivy covered facade and the generous mass of leafy maroon plants cascading from large stone urns. 

It was all extremely peaceful considering the surrounding city din; Bryant Park is a small piece of heaven ensconced amid the tall buildings of Mid-town.

I of course noticed a stunning design element. The park is constantly being swept and cleaned so one great detail caught my eye: the very beautifully designed garbage cans.  

au revoir et bon weekend.


  1. I lived in Brooklyn Heights for eight years and you really make me miss NYC. Thank you for sharing your lunch time with us, I sometimes miss those moments in the city!

  2. My dearest friend,

    I am such a terrible correspondent, but you know that is no reflection upon my sentiments.

    I so love New York in the autumn. In a perfect world I would spend half of the season in Paris the other in NYC. You have certainly, with your French eye, caught the beauty of my other favorite city.

    We must talk.


  3. You took some great shots in NYC!!!!!Never thought I would take a second look at a garbage can but I can see shy you included it!!!!I went last month, it was hot. I'm sure the weather was better now......Maryanne ;)