My very talented sister Joëlle - there is going to be a price to pay for this revelation, I fear, but I can't resist sharing this news- designed and EMBROIDERED fabric especially for my low hearth chair. She made a template and found a way to make the branch seem to continue up the back. When she has time for all this, I don't know. She does not waste her time, as you see. I am ecstatic it's to my benefit.
It just came back from the upholsterer and I am in love with it! 
Can you blame me?

A very American flower I love, the dogwood, the salmon-y shade of orange of the sofa nearby, on a background of raw linen, fabulous with the living room's light gray walls. Surprisingly, it does not look too sweet at all; rather just right for this type of seat. 
Threes word come to mind.
PARFAIT!  BRAVO! et bien sure, MERCI.
and another two, for Silhouette the cat: OFF LIMITS. compris?

Oh, and I am not the only beneficiary of Joëlle's generous talent; here is la merveille she made last year, for a very special friend's French country house bedroom; it was inspired by the playful wallpaper. (the background linen color was chosen to echo that of the room's velvet curtains).

Amazing for anyone. so, for a busy doctor... 

...well, in fact, it reminds me of a story told to me by my then father-in-law some years ago: a very good friend of his, a male Paris surgeon, could not operate during World War 2 -for reasons I don't recall- and feared he might loose the agility of his hands; he started doing embroidery and- to make a statement- did most of it in a cafe in his neighborhood, in front of the German patrons, and to the French customer's supportive amusement. 
A man embroidering in the 1940's. In public. What character. What fun. What self confidence. 
Doctors can do all sorts of things. Who knew.
au revoir.


  1. beautiful finish and perfect symmetry with the design....you are a lucky girl!!

  2. Magnifique !!! Your sister is a fantastic artist , elle a vraiment des doigts de fée !!!

  3. You are always too kind and some of the credit should to Jose, your fantastic upholsterer, who did such a fabulous job of matching the branches. You also forgot to say that it took me quite a few months to finish and that I had a great teacher, one of our friends who does true marvels with stitches half the size of mine and who gave me tips and supported me.

  4. What a lovely post, and what even lovelier embroidery work.

  5. Theresa, of course the artist that you are immediate spotted the balance of the design and the craftmanship.. I am lucky indeed for a lot of reasons. Merci.
    Melanie, oui, des doigts de fee et un coeur en or! a bientot.
    Joelle her work is out of this world but that doe not make yours any less!
    Berlin Deluxxe, merci for the lovely words. I am so glad you like it. as so do I. a bientot.

  6. Exquisite workmanship. Beautiful colors, too.


  7. Oh my! So many compliments. Thank you all. I am surprised and flattered. See what you have started Jeanne-Aelia?
    In fact embroidery is a wonderful pastime. It does not take up any room, the "equipment" is simple, you can do it anywhere and you can put it down at any time and take it up again when you feel like it or have a minute. There is no mess to clean up and all you need is a bag or box to stash away your work.
    I find it very soothing in that it completely takes your mind off your small stresses and worries of everyday life. How can you think of anything else when you have to concentrate on thoses tiny stitches?
    My embroidery "mentor", Frédérique, says it's like painting with thread and without the mess.

  8. I have "trois soeurs" and I love them dearly, but I would gladly make room for a talented sister such as yours, what a stunning chair.