I LOVE striped runners. 
I have used them in many of my design projects. There is a simplicity and a graphic strength to them that instantly embellish any staircase with flair and elegance. There is also a... what is the word? "neutral" quality to them that make them amazingly versatile. By neutral I mean that they adapt to almost any style - a classic London house, a summery Long Island beach place, a French mas... or a stately 1908 Westchester house.
I have been researching striped runners for my favorite client and was again struck by the number of possibilities on offer. 
Choosing is that much more difficile. Like too much choice on a menu.
The style of the house -this is a stately brick house dating from 1908- is to be carefully considered. The light -or lack thereof- is also crucial. The amount of traffic needs to be taken into consideration and of course the taste of my client- hers is impeccable- comes into play. 
We still have not nailed THE ONES- we need two- and we will be needed miles of them as the house is VERY large and it has front and back stairs and 3 floors- + beautiful stairs to the basement media, craft and laundry rooms. Maybe slightly darker for the back stairs and something that will work well with the front hall's antique rug of sand, lacquer red, and some indigo blue for the front. But the search is still young...
Simple red geometry

A splash of color like lipstick on a pale face

soft yet sunny. this one will brighten a darker area

The neutrals. rhythmic subtlety

Blue: beachy elegance

Hall runners. the beauty of length exaggerated

Exquisite edging. like a Chanel jacket

I will inform you of the resultat de mes recherches! 
so many choices, so much fun. 
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au revoir.