From Australia.
Their skin-care products are beyond belief. 
It is the weekend, and time to pamper ourselves to make sure we look like dynamite when we start fluttering around in the spring and summer warmth, when we are covered by a multitude of insulating garments no more.
They contain plant-derived ingredients and use some synthetic ingredients such as anti-oxydants.
Aesop's creams and oils and potions are made from botanical essences and extracts which smell fabulous and honestly are just great! 
How do I know? My youngest son lives in Australia- yes, sniff, sooo far away...- but when he does visit with his beautiful, fashion (a French term...), successful, Australian girlfriend Jessy, they come bearing gifts. Oh, if you want to have fun, you should really visit her very forward fashion blog wideawakethoughts.  
They come bearing GREAT gifts: 
Aesop skin and hair-care products. 
The designer in me cannot miss noticing that it does not hurt that their shops and their packaging are pared down, elegant, modern yet warm and real.

The Notting Hill shop London.

Another similar shop
These products come in glass bottles or soft metal tubes. They also have a strong botanical smell which I happen to like. 
The products ARE on the pricey side but...
One VERY tiny drop of Damascan Rose Facial Treatment on a humid face every night for example, is pure bliss.

These 3 products save your hands, your scalp and your body. 
 Ressurrection Hand Balm Tube,  Aromatique Body Balm, Hair and Scalp Moisterizing Mask.

Just a thought.
They have also created a line of perfumes that "are distinctive, unorthodox and intense".-Aesop but I have not tried any.
Editor's note: I am in no way benefiting from this post- other than from the satisfaction of sharing an exceptional find with my friends in the blog world who must surely be thankful for a little info once in a while from what can be considered a willing, grateful and satisfied cobaye- guinea pig. 
I am a big fan.
images yatzer.com, aesop
Au revoir. 
et bon week-end.


  1. OOH thanks! Never heard of this line will have to investigate!!!!!!!Thanks! Maryanne:)

  2. Anonymous11/4/10

    ... and I am a big fan of YOU! we miss you so much, and i'm so thrilled to see that you really do love the gifts! you'l have to send me an order... x

  3. Beadboard Upcountry:Yes try. Even just the hand cream. Maybe they have samples to give out? I don't know.
    wideawakethoughts: I still have some left and I can get them in NYC. So, don't worry, I don't have to go into withdrawal...Merci, merci for the great gifts. a BIENTOT?