The American owner of Antiques Resource, the enormously successful antique furniture and accessories sourcing and buying service in London for the past 17 years, is a weekly contributor to my blog; she has the most exquisite taste, she knows the London market thoroughly and will certainly dazzle us with her choices and reports from one of the most lively, most trendy cities in Europe.

Geometric Veneered 18th Century European Commodes
"These commodes predate the technological advances of the post Napoleonic era when new machines allowed cabinetmakers to cut extremely thin layers of veneer;  instead, mastercrafts men  cut the contrasting bands of inlay by hand. The  neo-classical  motif  is very  much in evidence in these designs. Unfortunately most  have had their  handles and escutcheons added later, diluting the purity of the design. They originally would have had a thin metal rim around the escutcheon and keys to open each drawer."

   Northern Italian circa 1780
The decoration is similar to floor designs of the period; The hardware was added later.

 Late18th century (pre-Biedermeier) Austrian

The new stainless steel handles were removed and the veneer repaired. 
The piece was restored to its original condition and paired with an American mirror dating from the 1950's.

 Italian circa 1800 
Probably made in Naples with greek key design and later handles
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