Fashion of the luxe-casual kind.

Le luxe très relax
The various Fashion Weeks are over and of all the collections I have spotted in the media, the Italians have once again made my heart miss a beat. 
My favorite shades these days are grays and sands and beige-y oranges- even for interiors. Of course Italy has to be my favorite fashion and interior design inspiration source. So, let's rewind and go back to Spring 2010!
I am in love with this silhouette; everything about it is perfect in my eye; the right amount of flow and slouch, the right mixture of soft slightly colored neutrals, the perfect layers, the perfect textures. Even the make up is soft and natural adding a tender note to the symphony;  
le luxe decontracté.
These looks are rich and luxurious but all refinement and elegance. What I see in the interior shots I put in tandem  with them is a definite natural feel but not of the Nordic or Provencal type; rather low key glamour; not too much, not too little, just enough for warmth and comfort.
Maxmara  - Patricia Gray

Maxmara  -  John Jacob
This over sized polo dress is the opposite line but it's simplicity and minimal cut is just as stunning. Fabulous accessories; just right in both images.
Bottega Veneta  - Diaz Azcuy
This long dress's pared down lines from Missoni is casual but sophisticated; what a great look for a summer dinner in town, and what a fabulous entry.
Missoni   - John jacob
For a dressy but not chichi occasion a blend of day and night, sporty and feminine strikes a perfect balance.
What a great way to dress down evening wear with sandy nude and creamy spicy hues. Shades that are perfectly translated in the kitchen at right and the space below.
Dolce and Gabbana  - unknown kitchen via decorpad
Maxmara   Nicole Sassaman

Now if I could only grow 6 inches taller, 30 years younger and a few pounds thinner....oh, and spend the summer in Porto Cervo.
images maxmara, missoni, dolce y gabbana, bottega veneta, vincente wolf, victoria hagan, patricia gray, john jacob, decor pad

au revoir.


  1. *sigh* ... so elegant, so thin, so utterly fabulous! great post!!


  2. Anonymous4/3/10

    terrific post! i would love to read more of your thoughts on fashion trends that align with interior style. LOVE the stone / nude / sand hues.

  3. John Jacob is now my newest favorite designer... I just learned about him this week and am loving it. (Minus the Nudes) Lovely blog. I noticed that I favour the blogs with the grey backgrounds... might just have to change the looks of mine.