Lene Vibe Dahlgren

Lene Vibe Dahlgren of Vibes

I admit I love jewelry. Not the tons-of-diamonds-and-emeralds kind of jewelry, but fun creative jewelry; the kind that instantly makes you realize how much talent and personality is part of a piece.
I saw this line of jewelry on the libertylondongirl blog and I was immediately enchanted by the poetry of the delicate pieces. 
"Lene Vibe Dahlgren, who sells her work under the name Vibes, has just opened a new store in Copenhagen, from where she and her assistant produce delicate and imaginative pieces from the studio in the back of the shop."-libertylondongirl. 
I am so glad you found this treasure, Liberty London Girl. And to you Lene Dahlgren, BRAVO.
I could not help wanting to share this artist's work with you. Admire.

Sold at Fragments

110 green street, suite 801
New York, NY 10012

au revoir.


  1. Anonymous2/3/10

    oooh love... this remind me of pieces by Australian label ManiaManiahttp://www.mycatwalk.com.au/designer/maniamania.html

    x jessy

  2. I went on the site; I love the jewelry and their fashion too. Thanks Jessy

  3. Ah, what an eye you have Jeanne-Aelia. The jewels are beautiful. I'd love the ring and definitely a pair of earrings.

    Do you plan on indulging?


  4. WELL...not right now... but when the time comes this will be at the top of the wish list! I love the ring and the drop earing with the tiny snail. Ravissant.

  5. Oh... Vibe is my biggest inspiration when creating jewelry. I tell you, the pieces are even more amazing in real life! Take a look at her official homepage http://vibes.dk/one/cv.html or her "unofficial" (more pictures) here: http://www.123hjemmeside.dk/vibes/
    Thou mayest drool!