Joyeux Anniversaire, Joëlle*
(if I can't wish it in person, I'll use all the media I can)

When we meet in Paris next week, 

we'll go straight you-know-where

we'll order one of EVERYTHING - or two

with tea or coffee

Non, non, non,
something more in keeping with the day -we'll pretend it still is.

it will all pale in comparison to your present to me:

 all this 
and mostly sharing it all with you!
*editor's note: in case you are wondering, Joelle is my twin sister...


  1. Bonjour,
    How exciting you will be visiting with your twin sister in Paris - Happy Birthday!
    Just wanted to let you know I've enjoyed reading the Transatlantic Parallel you've been doing with Tish.
    I tried to comment on your last post but Blogger has been a little tempermental about letting me post my comments recently.
    Bon voyage!

  2. Oh, my chere, chere amie Happy, Happy Birthday to you and Joelle.

    I certainly do love you Pisces (Poissons). Did you know that Pisces and Taurus are supposed to be perfect friendship signs? That explains everything. Plus, earth a water makes a perfect anti-age masque. . .

    Hope you have a perfect day and Paris with your beloved twin sister, how fabulous.


  3. Bonjour Romance, Merci beaucoup pour les voeux! I am so happy you enjoy Transatlantic Parallel ; Letitia and I have so much fun with it. A bientot.

    Letitia, Merci mille fois; We are not together but will be soon. And my oldest son is Taurus and we get along beautifully; I will buy some rhassoul(clay) in Morocco and make a mask like we do each time we go, and think of earth and water..you are an April child? a tres bientot.

  4. So that means Happy Birthday to You Too!!! to both of you, enjoy your special day and special bond...have a fabulous time in Paris, les gemelles!!



  5. Merci, Kit You are right It was a circumvoluted way of hooting my own horn.. clever hein? No, I added the editor's note so readers did not wonder what on earth I was talking about. A bientot , Kit; nice of you to drop me un petit commentaire.