une petite nouvelle
she was 3, then 10, then 16, 
How time has flown; Joy is 23 today. 
Joyeux Anniversaire Joy!


The American owner of Antiques Resource, the enormously successful antique furniture and accessories sourcing and buying service in London for the past 17 years, is a weekly contributor to my blog; she has the most exquisite taste, she knows the London market thoroughly and will certainly dazzle us with her choices and reports from one of the most lively, most trendy cities in Europe.

Metal with glass or marble
"For twenty-five years now I have been searching for antiques for clients and inevitably small side tables or bedside tables are on the list.  Evolving taste has pushed me towards  mid-century tables because they tend to be very practical designs that work well with antiques.  However, simply designed "chamber pot cupboards" from the 19th century with beautiful veneers and marble tops remain a practical favorite and work very well in modern interiors. Most of the tables are things that I have seen in recent months here in London and on a recent trip to Paris."

Nan Mabon has found great side tables for us again,  English and French mostly mid-century, this time metal with glass or marble; each is light and graceful and as she points out so justly, so easy to incorporate in almost any style of interior design, whether classic or modern.

French marble and brass table from the 50's and , right, French marble and brass table from the 30's

English mid-century tables with lacquered wood tops and steel bases

French 50's brass frame and glass topped  tables

Florence Knoll side tables from the 60's

Pair of English 50's side tables
images antiques resource

merci beaucoup, Nan.
au revoir.

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