Everywhere I look, white tables have been popping up in interiors. I happen to love the contrast of the bright pieces in a room and the way a casual, relaxed  painted item works with almost every style. A very modern table wakes up a dining room, and a painted "antique" or should I say classic (I am assuming noone is so careclueless as to paint a real antique) gets a new life with just a coat of bright white paint. Even an old country table painted milky white lights up a sad kitchen. And what can be easier than to apply a coat or two of pure white on a piece of furniture, saving it, most often, from the dumpster or the wood stove- although, I suppose, having never done it, that a wood stove only takes untreated unvarnished wood?-

THE Saarinen 1056 Tulip table; white on white and dark wood accents; simple, effective

the starkness of snow on a luxurious plum backdrop

REALLY all white, plus the soft warm tones of crayon colored books; a peaceful warm space

pristine, white, inviting kitchen; a modern country look.

coordinating with moldings or walls for a two tone  palette

a simple piece of metal "origami", like whipped cream on a pie

two "antiques" painted for a very monochromatic casual effect

 a totally modern "Indonesian" mood

the simplicity of the basic Parsons table
al fresco; simplicity amid texture
yet another very successful Mondrian inspired space; all squares and one beach-ball light.
a classic given a total makeover; nordic serenity

a mid-century Hollywood-set bedside table, in a Boho-Soho room
images xjavierx, aphrochic, coco kelley, decorology, decofabulous, designsponge, elle decoration france via flickr, and mialynnman

au revoir.


  1. How stunningly chic and pure. Are you using a lot of white in your work these days?

    I think I could live in white on white on white. We're now living in beige on beige on beige in all imaginable nuances.

    Have a lovely day, chere partner,

  2. Funny enough, I am not using a lot of white, except in summer places (and my Paris place where natural light is lacking. I don't use pure white on trim for example, rather very warm ivories or trim darker than the walls like a warm medium gray. But I love these photos of white tables as a bright accent in warm rooms or a whole look in a white room. very fresh. Merci pour le gentil mot.

  3. It gives lightness to a room ! It looks fantastic. I often use the Knoll one in my interior design project