If I am going to post any subject with the words animal and design in it, I will evidently feature one of the most fantastic sculptor/designers in France: the work of Francois-Xavier Lalanne who, sadly, died last year, is strong, poetic and functional at the same time. His animals are desks, vanities, bars or tables and push the wow factor off the chart. (His wife Claude is an equally fantastic artist but that will be the subject of another post).

everything else pales in comparison at least when it comes to craftmanship and quality, but there is always space for everyone in design. I have seen elsewhere whimsy, cleverness and beauty in items representing animals and I will share them now.

very large antlers
 familiar individuals roaming on our wallets, not just in our gardens.

a charming leather origami-like pencil holder to cheer up any desk

vide-poches ready for our keys and change

life size animal lamps and furniture require quite a lot of real estate, but if you qualify, you make quite a statement

a life-like shoal of fish whirling above the dining room table; for the snorklers above sea level. 
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au revoir.


  1. WOW! Who knew you could have your own personal zoo right in your living room and you don't even have to feed the beasts! On a more serious note, I have always found the Lalanne pieces beautiful and the ones you have shown are amazing. Thank you.

  2. If I'm not mistaken, Monsieur Valentino has a bar made by Lalanne. It is often pictured in layouts of one of his homes. Gorgeous.

  3. Merci, Joelle, yes I love F-X Lalanne and I will very soon do a post on Claude Lalanne.
    Merci Suzy. I did not know that Valentino had a lalanne desk but I am not at all surprised. He ha STYLE! thank you for your visit. A bientot.

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