the French expression means"the Scots", and ever since they adopted this iconic weave, it has been reinterpreted a million different ways; in stunning bright shades, discreet 2-tone, blown-up and oversized, mixed and matched, painted on, woven in, nailed down and walked over; plaids are never far away in fashion or interior design, transformed again in yet a new incarnation.

Paul Smith

bright plaid, huge blow-up, enormous impact
Caravane, Paris

black and white: a very modern take on a very old geometric pattern;
pair it with matching mosaic tiles, and you have a fabulous batroom
I Ding via flickr

like a row of English country gentlemen, ready for lunch
Garry Cohn

what a difference a two-tone check makes on a very familiar chair
Elle Decor

why does this embroidered interpretation make such a strong impression?
oversized pattern, amazing colors, and repetitive grouping
Caravane, Paris

a happy tartan effect on this kitchen window by Christopher Coleman;
looks like a modern painting, works like a window shade

a neo-classical take on the check carpet;
the modernism of blending nuances of one shade 
Elle Decor
au revoir.

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