Picture display

Displaying pictures is always quite a challenge except perhaps for that one great huge piece of art that you bought to go right smack in the middle of the wall right there above the sofa in the big living area of your big white loft; but for all those other ones that you try to artfully arrange in that little nook, the long corridor or that spot just between the window... let's see: a tall column?  a perfect rectangle? your ducks in a proverbial row? a carefree I'll-just-drive-the-nail-where-the-hammer-leads-me fashion; or even, perhaps: nail? what nail? I don't even own a hammer; there are a million ways to showcase art, but the most successful result always involves a bit of thought, some talent, and a lot of measuring...I advise that you get help from the pros like the ones at ILevel; if it is not an option, you may want to take a look at the images below; it may inspire you to find the answer to your tiny... or huge challenge, depending on your skills.

the REAL pros!

false symmetry

JADHny image maura mcevoy

artful puzzle 

or just sitting on a shelf

above a mantle

JADHny maura mcevoy

almost balanced at each end of a large window


mathematically, precisely measured

precise but easygoing

dead on center

carefully free-flowing


creatively  bohemian

and then, if none of this is your style,
  there always is the good old DIY

au revoir.
images maura mcevoy, elle decor, flickr, cocokelley

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  1. I love everything about the black library with crystal chandelier, and I'm thinking of copying the tri-balustrade supported hall table at Garvinweasel. Thanks for this beautiful post, also for adding us to your blog list!