In France, traditionally, a bolster is used across the head of the bed, propping up large square pillows (called "European" in the US); during the day, it is then either neatly tucked under a bedcover or placed on top of the bedspread, concealed in its own decorative case cut, simply, from the same fabric or made in a different material depending on whether or not a statement wants to be made; you will also find these tube-shaped cushions on sofas or day beds, adding comfort to the armrests, and often adding a touch of sophistication or color. I really love the look of bolsters and I appreciate their comfort; I also often admire the infinite care put into dressing them.

 on outdoor lounging beds

 on sofas for additional comfort

JADHny maura mcevoy

on chaises like a one sided armrest

on beds, "à la française"

JADHny erica lennard

JADHny erica lennard

endless possibilities for "couture"

or mattress maker details

images: elle decoration, desiretoinspire, maarita, g.kennedy, mclabbe, frontporchstudio, sugar moster, xjavierx all via flickr

au revoir.

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