A room is more appealing to me when it is done not to look "DONE".
it's the difference between a gooey home-made Tarte Tatin
and a flawless chocolate cake professionally glossed to perfection.
I adopt, always, a blend of styles, periods and origins
 a happy carefree "mélange" of those pieces
that find their way into our homes
handed down from our parents, grandparents, their parents,
brought back perhaps with great difficulty and often great cunning
from a memorable voyage they will bring to mind,
found one day in that one last store at closing time,
maybe the last piece in the mosaic of a gradually planned design
the mirror of our individuality.

For me, "Oriental" ,even loosely interpreted, 
is a piece in that happy "mélange"

a whimsical lamp from the 40's, very "South Pacific"

lacquer-red oak, a big black button
with Chinese(?) writing. mystery message.

Black lacquer Chinese cabinet in a relaxed eat-in kitchen
simple, rich, stunning
more sophistication than in any built-in 
JADHny   image William A Boyd

James Mont vitrines, 1940's, very Hollywood meets the Orient
modern art, classic chairs, soft colors
JADHny   images William A Boyd

Japanese 1800's, mother of pearl and fretwork
all show, not much utility; but oooh, so graceful 
JADHny images William A Boyd

the East is in the details...

hand-painted platter by Sabrina Revillon Paris, France

au revoir.

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