Candle light

still from the 1975 film "Barry Lyndon"

what can be more flattering than candle light?
as I progress, rather clumsily, on the invaluable expressway
of my techno-life,  I cling to some of the ways
of the proverbial gentler good-old-days.
I am not suggesting we all adopt an attitude of staunch "passé-ism"
that we all decide to live by candle light all day, every day,
but that once in a while,we continue to light candles at home.
relaxation, sophistication and enormous fun.
Aaah..a dinner illuminated by candles; yes, I know; such a cliché
But we should all try it more regularly; even when we are alone
we should have candles at the ready, at all times, just in case

and so, of course, candles need candle holders
1940's "Baroque" from Vallauris, France
among a few meticulously chosen treasures

pretsel-like shapes, bright yellow pottery
very Vallauris, France in the 1940's
photo Erika Lennard

Danish mid-century. silver and plastic cord

1900's, classic bronze, neoclassical, neoromantic  
I can just imagine them on a very minimalist all-white table
with a large bouquet of fine branches as centerpiece

Contemporary venetian glass; various sizes, shapes and details
light and delicate grouped in a diaphanous vignette

1950's American gilded tole sconces
 dressed up to taste
here with glass beads for a more festive mood

au revoir.

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