Hidden courtyards

the best kept secrets of Paris

It is nearly impossible anymore to push a button
 and open the heavy doors of Paris apartment buildings,
 as you could a few years ago, so as to go in 
 and peak at some of the secret treasures of the City of Lights.
Some are huge gardens,
others paved spaces with a few plants cared for
by the inescapable "concierge";
but whatever the size or the degree of luxury,
 you must now know the magic numbers
that make up the indispensable "digicode",
the entry key for anyone temporarely or more permanently Parisian.
Only then can you behold those most charming
and sometimes breathtaking of sceneries:
the "cours interieures" of Paris buildings.

Here are some examples of those little wonders
access granted to initiated eyes only...

the red artist "atelier" from the turn of the century...
the previous century

a mysterious entryway. perfectly aligned cobblestones.

a garden island on an "opus incertum" mosaic of gray stone

an exclusive private dead end wrapped in a lush coat of ivy
complete with an armed sentinel

the "bobo", bohemian bourgeois, outdoor dining nook
in a candy color palette

a lovely neoclassical stone fountain on a delightfully peeling wall

a formal "place" adorned with custom trellis work
and classic Parisian urban lighting

 double courtyard. triple building
silence and serenity garanteed

a private townhouse with it's very own priceless garage
and flawless color coordination

symmetrical pompom boxwoods "au garde à vous" 
flanking an old cast iron fountain

all photos:  www.parisaddress.com

au revoir.

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