Qui n'aime pas  

fire truck red, traffic light red, ruby red, chili pepper red, passion red,
poppy red, tomato red, Valentino red, Valentine's day red, "rouge Hermès",
blood red, the red planet red, lipstick red, roses are red..., red wine red , 
 Mao's little red book, Inspi(red), red flag, chinese lacquer red,
blushing-because-you're-embarrased red, Diana Vreeland red,
INY red,  IParis red

 red dining rooms stimulate your appetite, they say

JADHny  image William A Boyd jr.
just on one wall is enough sometimes

JADHny  image William A Boyd jr.

a real kitchen pick-me-up

even if the dark, you can no doubt find this sink!

 red furniture in small doses or...


a hot red blanket and matching bedside tables
like a fire on a cold winter's night

JADHny  image William A Boyd jr.

apartment therapy
big red art, and a neutral room comes alive

au revoir.

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