Now that it is decided, 
Now that we have a tentative date of departure, 
Now that I know my next home will be in Paris, 
Now that I can assume it will not be a house with a lawn around it but an apartment with a balcony if I am lucky and a terrasse if a small, make that a HUGE miracle, happens to befall me, 
Now that all that is a part of my relatively near future, 
I have been gathering inspiration in the form of a photo file of everything and anything that could possibly make it all a pleasant place to live. 

I have seen photos of apartments with long narrow corridors, most with small-ish kitchens and even smaller bathrooms. I am going to have to adjust BIG TIME!
I am used to adjusting to new places, new faces, but new, how shall I say, new measurements? I guess that also can be worked with. It's called downsizing. Life with less. What a refreshing concept.
So I will try to make lemonade... as they say, and find all sorts of tricks to make it all work. That's called compromising.
Oh, by the way, I am NOT complaining! I can't wait to go back to Gay Paree and tackle the project. 

Now, to put my hands on the apartment of my dreams...of the Champagne kind at plain tap water prices. In Paris.
An entirely other chaudron de poissons, if you will.

au revoir.


  1. You have some great inspirational photos. I'm sure you will make it work for you. Best of luck.

  2. When making lemonade...Paris is one fabulous sweetener!

    Look forward to seeing the before and after photos.

  3. Life is an adventure. It's better to swim than to tread water!
    I'm sure you will soon put you own stamp your new "home".
    Bon voyage.

  4. I understand...paradise on a budget! Perhaps a glass of wine will improve the view!

  5. Wonderful photos, love all of them! Your blog is amazing! xoxo


  6. I am always so impressed by how cleverly you all comment! Thank you.

  7. I think with your great sense of style Jeanne-Aelia whatever apartment you choose will be fabulous. I like the idea of 'life with less'......sometimes just a beautiful piece fabric or vase of flowers is all that is needed to 'dress' a room.

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